Illinois state legislature to vote soon on pension reform-take action now!!

Apparently the Illinois state legislature is determined to “solve” the pensions problem during this session. Yet none of the options they are considering offers a real solution. All of them simply shift more burden onto state employees without dealing with the crux of the issue-the need to increase revenue through a graduated income tax. Read the story here:

See a discussion of Quinn’s proposal with a union coalition representative and Tyrone Fahner (Civic Committee) @WTTW April 26: #twill

Note that Governor Quinn’s proposal is not yet in the form of a bill.

Read the text of one of the piecemeal bills, this one to limit pension payments to employed retirees :

Read the text of the IGPA’s alternative proposal:

Follow up with your legislators through email:

IFT Action Center:

Sen. Michael Frerichs:
Rep Naomi Jakobsson:

Rep: Chapin Rose:  (217) 558-1006

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