Our Weekly Reader for Week Beginning December 2, 2012

1. The big story this week was the GEO and its apparently successful negotiations with the university. The vote will take place this week. From the source: http://www.uigeo.org/

The GEO’s bargaining team reached a tentative agreement today on all outstanding issues in contract negotiations with the administration. The membership will now have a chance to ratify the contract. For information about the specifics of the agreement and the voting process come to the General Membership Meeting tonight at 5:30 at Wesley Church at the intersection of Green and Matthews.

During the week, go to https://cfaillinois.org/cfa-news-bulletin-on-geo/ for up-to-date information. Other coverage from the NG, DI, AFT  and an extensive interview with Stephanie Seawell, which was conducted before the agreement and published afterwards.





2. The lead story in the Sunday Chicago Tribune is:


(It was freely available on Saturday and is behind a pay wall today. I’m sure it will be on the E-summary tomorrow.)

“Illinois’ presence shrinks at U of I”

Though today’s undergraduate enrollment of 31,900 is 3,600 higher than a decade ago, there are 200 fewer students from Illinois. Meanwhile, the number of international students has soared. U. of I. enrolls 4,447 undergraduates from other countries — up from 649 in 2000.

But it’s not just that U. of I. is looking elsewhere for students; Illinois students are increasingly turning the university down. Just 45 percent of residents offered admission to this fall’s freshman class accepted the spots, a decline from 53 percent five years ago and the lowest percentage in at least 10 years, possibly ever.

All those departments which have received a 40% increase in funding for instructional expenses (13% more students and 24% inflation) over the last 10 years, please raise their hands. 

3. For up to date information on pensions and the Legislature, go to http://www.suaa.org/ Nothing substantive seems to have happened in the veto session yet. You don’t have to be retired to join the SUAA. I’m a member.

4a.  The fiscal cliff and U: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/education/2012-11-25/officials-estimate-45-million-loss-ui-if-fiscal-cliff-deal-isnt-reached.ht

4b Issues at Penn State and Florida which might show up here;



5, The New York Times on why firing coaches doesn’t seem to be cost-effective




Digest of E-Summary at  http://www.uillinois.edu/our/news/summary.cfm

11/26 — pp.1-2 (NG) — The fiscal cliff, see above.
11/26 — pp.8-9 (DI) — “Undergraduates will be most impacted if GEO strikes”
11/26 — p.10 (NG) — “Squeezy makes the point”
11/26 — p.14 (NG) — “Disintermediating higher education” (MOOC-ery from a business consultant’s pov.)
11/26 — pp.18-19 (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) “Universities face daunting leader search”

11/27 — pp.5-6 (NG) “GEO pulls all-nighter to display its resolve”
11/27 — p.7 (Pantagraph) Editorial “Huge salaries show priorities of universities”
11/27 — pp.20-24 (Progress Illinois) “Young workers dubious of public sector jobs due to pension crisis”

11/28 — pp.3-4 (NG) — “GEO, UI have tentative deal”, see above

11/29 — p.3 (Sun-Times) — Editorial “Pension reform first”
11/29 — pp.12-14 (Bloomberg) — “Will state colleges become federal universities?”

11/30 — pp.5-9 (Trib) — “The University of Chicagoland — at Missouri” (predecessor to #2)
11/30 — pp.13-16 (NYT) “Firing football coaches, with little evidence it pays off”, see above
11/30 — p.17 (Trib) “Penn State to pay over $2.4m to president fired over Sandusky”

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