Chancellor wants to restrict academic freedom

Chancellor Wise is quoted in today’s News-Gazette saying “There’s no hard and fast policy, and I think that one of the good things that can come out of that is a really active discussion, symposia, workshops, seminars on what is considered academic freedom and what is considered freedom of speech in light of digital media.”

But the University Statutes promise:

“It is the policy of the University to maintain and encourage full freedom within the law of inquiry, discourse, teaching, research, and publication and to protect any member of the academic staff against influences, from within or without the University, which would restrict the member’s exercise of these freedoms in the member’s area of scholarly interest.”

The university administration does not get to choose what is “considered academic freedom and what is considered freedom of speech”. Full freedom within the law is our right as faculty members.

A faculty union would protect those rights for all faculty members with a legally binding contract.

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