CFA Statement Regarding Calls to Boycott the University of Illinois

September 1, 2014

The Campus Faculty Association is not involved in the boycott movement against the University of Illinois. We feel it is a matter of individual conscience for faculty members around the world to consider, and we respect the different decisions which individuals may reach.

We do believe strongly, and have stated publicly, that the administration’s actions and statements against Dr. Salaita constitute a “frontal assault on academic freedom and shared governance”. We are grateful for the many expressions of support received from colleagues outside our institution who recognize the stakes in the struggle against our administration’s abuse of power.

As an organization, we believe the best way forward is for tenure-stream faculty on our campus to form a faculty union. (Non-tenure-track colleagues formed a union recently.) Then faculty members will have a strong and independent voice backed by a legally enforceable union contract that guarantees faculty rights.

Published by CFA

The Campus Faculty Association (CFA) is an advocacy organization for faculty and other campus workers committed to shared governance, academic freedom, and a strong faculty voice on campus.

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